Take Work Out!

Take Work Out

Streamline Execution to Maximize Efficiency
Eliminate Low Value Work
Apply Speed and Simplicity


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Get Functionally Fit Through Take Work Out!

A proven process initiated by GE and used by many organizations to discover hidden inefficiencies:

  1. What extra steps are people doing that don't really need to be done?
  2. Focus on results, save time and money AND serve your customers better.

One-Day Solution

In only one day, employees closest to the work will devise new ways of getting things done in a more simple, highly efficient way!

During this hands-on, engaging, working session, your team will Take Work Out! with improved solutions.


    For Your Organization:
  • Reduce costs, save time
  • Improve processes
    For Your Customer:
  • Focus your work on customers’ needs
  • Create “very” satisfied customers
    For Your Employees:
  • Make it easier to do the right thing
  • Build confidence and create ownership
    For Your Systems and Structures:
  • Break down internal walls
  • Promote transparency and collaboration

Take Work Out! Overview

Pre and post process support included.

  1. Senior leader kicks off the session, states expectation and sets the tone.
  2. Facilitators arm participants with robust tools to find RAMMPP improvement opportunities:

Reports … Approvals … Meetings … Metrics … Policies … Processes

  1. Employee recommendations are approved.
  2. Teams create action plans to implement the approved ideas for greater functional fitness.

Take Work Out! is exactly what you need to deal with the challenges of today's economy.

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