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Team Building - The GPS Advantage

GPS has designed over 30 activities that will help improve your teams overall success while meeting any Facilitation and Training needs you may have. Our Facilitators bring a strong background as both Internal Senior Managers of Training and many years of Client Consulting Experience.

Team Building activies are used to enhance:

  • Team Development
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solvng
And much more!

Treasure Hunt

Team members follow the specially prepared map with many clues and team challenges (optional) along the way, to find their treasure!

Small teams work together, but can only succeed as one larger team. This ultimately connects the dots to the workplace.

Clues can be "themed" around:

  • Industry
  • Business Issue
  • Product
  • Fun Trivia (Special designs require all teams to collaborate)

Treasure Hunts take 2 to 3 hours and can be any size group (even 300+). Time will depend on number of participants, challenge level of route, clues, and included team challenges.

Team Cuisine

Team members receive a menu, ingredients (partially pre-prepared), tools, and utensils.but NOT a recipe!

Each team must make their own decisions on recipes, decide on roles and responsibilities, solve problems, and coordinate timing for a team meal.

The experience is reviewed and discussed to the level desired during a lighter, fun; or moderate team debriefing on lessons learned and workplace application.

Team cuisine activities take 90 to 120 minutes with 8 to 80 participants. Previous cooking experience not required!

An enjoyable time is guaranteed for all!

Team Effectiveness Workshop

GPS focuses on real team effectiveness for intact or project teams facing issues. Workshops feature leading facilitation tools for maximum results.

  • Facilitator Presentations
  • Take-away Materials

  • Frameworks
  • Next Steps
  • Tools
  • Optional Team and/or Individual Feedback Surveys
  • Experiential Activities
  • Discussions
    • The GPS approach blends:
    • Pre-Analysis:
    • Team Activities:
    • Facilitated Discussions around:
      • team chartering
      • roles
      • group development
      • team leadership
      • meeting tools
      • process improvement

    Workshops can be half day to two days depending on content, issues being covered, and desired results.


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    “Thanks for all your help and advice. We did use the Tall Tower exercise and it was a resounding success. The learning's were many and strong. Our videographer had video. I'll ask him to copy the section for me and give you a glimpse of the dynamics. Thanks again.”

    --Bob Waters, Gillette

    Celebrating Over 25 Years of Successfully Serving Clients!