Facilitation and Meeting Design - The GPS Advantage

GPS Facilitators look to improve meeting results while designing interactive meetings to best achieve goals, inspire dialogue and participation.

Typical focus of GPS Meeting and Facilitation Services include.

  • Annual/Department Meeting Review and Planning
  • Visioning, Strategic and Operational Planning, Strategy Roadmap
  • Process Improvement/Design, Change Leadership
  • Critical Problem Solving
  • Innovation/New Product Idea Generation
  • Project Planning/Implementation
  • Partner or Client Meetings

GPS Facilitated Meetings…

  • Increase Listening, Open Communication, and Consensus
  • Reduce Subjectiveness and Preconceived Judgments
  • Improve Partnerships Between Departments, Internal/External Customers
  • Leverage the Diversity of Experience, Personalities, and Talent in the Meeting
  • Improve Meeting Skills and Apply Useful Tools
  • Provide “Ownership” and “Accountability” for Actions

GPS Meeting Designs...

  • Improve flow and interaction using specific group process tools
  • Blend fun and tasks as needed
  • Allow for right level of interaction with planned breakouts
  • Compile information generated by participants, next steps, and follow-up


“I very much appreciated all of your help with the meeting. I learned so much from working with you and see so much opportunity for us to elevate our training to a much higher level than just merely feeding them with info...I hope we can work more with you in the future.”

Product Mgr, Medical Equipment

For more information about our Meetings, Design and Facilitation Services. Please see our site at yourbestmeetings.com

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