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Add more value to the services you offer your clients with 360° Surveys created and customized by GPS. Help your clients gain the feedback necessary to improve their organizations overall development and achieve higher success.

Surveys can be created specifically for managers, employees, and/or peers to rate performance through critical competencies specific to your client’s organization. Any combination of respondents can be used for each survey, to guarantee your clients are receiving true 360° Feedback.

360° Feedback helps clients gain insight into their work ethic, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing each individual to make the fundamental change necessary to work towards improvement, ultimately increasing the quality of development of their organization.

Each survey is created using your own branding. We provide the service, while you receive the rewards (including financial)!

360° Feedback gives you the opportunity to work more closely with your clients to improve in key areas once the survey has been completed. We help run the survey, you do the coaching!

With over 200 categories and 3,000 items, GPS surveys rate key actions & behaviors using performance indicators to help pinpoint critical areas for your clients to focus on in their development. The possibilities are endless, as GPS will design each survey according to you or your client’s unique competencies and specific content.

GPS uses the most current Internet applications to deploy your survey to your clients and observers. We can partner with you on the administration of your survey through:

  • Set-up of participants & observers
  • Sending e-mail invites
  • Tracking & sending e-mail reminders to respondents
  • Producing participant reports in PDF format or color hard copy using you and/or your clients branding

Click here for Example Report (PDF Version)

GPS is also proud to be able to power organizational and employee surveys.

eMinder Application

Reinforces goals set by program participants. Each participant creates two goals they would like to work on over a determined period of time. Every week a reminder by email will be sent to the participant. The participant can track the actions they are doing to achieve their goals. Each participant can designate their manager and/or peer coach to help them complete their goals. The manager and/or peer coach can input their comments on the participant's progress.

Click here for eMinder demo.


"I have used Gilman Performance Systems' services a number of times to support my firm in delivering a comprehensive 360° leadership assessment solution for my clients. An area of focus of ours is in developing leadership competency models and designing validated 360° surveys to assess capability against these models. GPS has a supporting technology platform to host the assessment with quality reporting capabilities. David and his staff are top-notch in terms of being customer-focused. In the age of shifting budgets, it helps to have a trustworthy, capable firm to partner with to deliver top-of-the-line integrated solutions with the best value for all our clients."

Susan Shaner
Sage Leadership Strategies, LLC

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