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GPS Client Challenges solved through GPS Custom Solutions

Gilman Performance Systems prides itself in working with our clients and we are committed to their success. GPS values our client relationships, which have generated many rewarding experiences.  The client success case challenges below shows how results have been achieved through building unique partnerships and The GPS Advantage.

Facilitation Engagements include:  




Edwards Scientific:
Product Marketing Training

How does Product Marketing introduce new product and services into our sales training meeting and make it engaging, impactful and interactive?

“I very much appreciated all of your help with the meeting. I learned so much from working with you and see so much opportunity for us to elevate our training to a much higher level than just merely feeding them with info...

I hope we can work more with you in the future.”

-Lihn Ho
Product Mgr
Edwards Scientific

GPS worked with three Product Managers/VP Marketing for different product/services to design interactive activities that included:

  • Competitive Challenges at the table team level for scenario cases
  • Card games for Objection Handling to products at the table team level
  • Sales aid template development with wall charts enlarged to 3'x5' for sales team input
  • End program finale exercise with trio competitive playoff based on Key Learning Points developed throughout the meeting for a winning team

GPS worked with the different Product Managers and Field Marketing Services to design and develop specific detailed outlines for the above, as well as content.

Gilman Performance Systems provided Webex prep for Regional Managers on their coaching, facilitation role during the meeting.




Varian Medical Systems:
Worldwide Sales Meeting

How do we engage the sales meeting with 125 attendees and train them on discovery skills, while emphasizing specific product scenarios?

GPS worked with the Vice President and Regional Managers to design a competitive case analysis that paired 5 sets of teams against each other.  The five top teams, then presented to the full meeting using the executives in a client role within the cases.  “Client executives” determined the top team for the award.

GPS blended content training on Probing and Discovery skills, with facilitated case scenarios and a unique Discovery Skills fun team building event. GPS also provided an overview of the content training and additional skills for the role of the Sales Managers as Coaches during the session.




BI Chemical
Boehringer Ingelheim:
SAP Kickoff Meeting

How do we build “team strength” in a new SAP Core Team of 60 for their kickoff meeting with six sub-teams?

Boehringer Ingelheim

GPS blended three facets for an impactful first day of their 3 day meeting:  Training, Facilitation, Team Building.

  • Content training on Influence Skills and Interpersonal Styles/Work Preferences
  • Team Bonding challenge activity that yielded how to best work and operate together as a team
  • Facilitated input and discussions for the entire group and in their six sub-teams on roles/expectations, needs for success and full input on 4 project issues




Global Leadership Rollout:

A worldwide leader wants to rollout a Leadership Training Program globally and 360 Survey in 9 different languages; including Japanese and Mandarin.

GPS took its flagship program for this client and translated all aspects such as: participant materials, exercises, and Internet Feedback Surveys.

This GPS program was customized specifically for our client's needs, based on their competency model.




6 Human Resource Offsite Meetings:

A worldwide leader wants to rollout a Leadership Training Program globally and 360 Survey in 9 different languages; including Japanese and Mandarin.

Using various tools and facilitation techniques GPS successfully provided the results for all six.

Where design and facilitation worked together for your best meeting!

Virgin Mobile:
~ Designed an engaging 2.5 day Management Skills workshop.
~ Designed for new managers applying the Virgin culture throughout the workshop.
~ Rollout to managers from NJ to CA.

Grant Thornton:
~ Create a cohesive global culture and develop thousands of managers worldwide.
~ Lead the design team for a 12 day, 9 month Management Development Program on 3 Continents.

~ Provide development to a team of 150 at a two day conference.
~ Conference to provide change management, project management and negotiating influence skills.

BNP Paribas:
~ Provide a management curriculum for the US Territory of the worlds's 7th largest bank.
~ Curriculum supports elective programs.

Client Success Cases

The client success cases below are intended to provide an insight into the results achieved through Gilman Performance Systems.

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