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GPS has been providing individual and organizational survey processing -- before the term "360" was used and even before the world wide web was invented.

We use our internally developed survey processing engine for complete flexibility on look, structure, format, items, and reporting.

In English or multiple languages, we deliver the vital results for key decisions and action planning.

Organizational, Culture, Engagement surveys

Many companies have chosen GPS to execute their pulse or annual engagement surveys -- for the whole organization and within teams/departments.

We consult with you comprehensively on all aspects so that you can make the best decisions about items/questions and the number of questions, level of anonymity, timing, and much more so that a high response rate is achieved.

Full flexibility around:

  • Item determination and customization.
  • Demographics -- any option including level, tenure, department, location.
  • Report -- six formats are available or we can customize.
  • Open-ended comments with detail frequency count and trend analysis.

Services available:

  • Executive summary
  • One page dashboard report
  • PowerPoint
  • Presentation by GPS or for internal use
  • Full data analytics across all demographics both as an average and result percentage distribution based on scale
  • Recommendations
  • Department action planning template
  • Facilitation of department results or train the facilitator

Surveys are very powerful if used in the right way and with the right follow up. Let GPS help you accomplish your survey and company goals with our personalized services.

Empower 360°

How can 360° Surveys customized by GPS benefit you?

360° surveys, created and customized by GPS, allow you and your team to get the feedback you need to improve your overall success! Surveys are created specifically for managers, employees, and peers to rate performance through critical competencies specific to your organization.

360° Feedback helps employees gain insight into their work ethic, strengths, and areas that need improvement, allowing each individual to make the fundamental change necessary to work towards improvement, ultimately increasing the quality of development of your organization.

With over 200 categories with 3000 items, GPS surveys rate key "actions" and "behaviors" using performance indicators to help pinpoint critical areas for participants to focus on in their development. The possibilities are endless, as surveys are customized to the specific needs of our clients, designed to measure critical competencies unique to each organization.

The GPS Advantage:

  • Personalized branding specific to your organization.
  • Determine specific survey items based on needed outcomes, culture, values, or competencies for success.
  • Full flexibility for any respondent type: self, manager, direct report, peers, customer and even multiple managers.
  • Individual feedback reports.
  • Aggregate group reports.
  • Multilingual
  • Customized action planning format.
  • PowerPoint for individual and/or group compiled roll up.
  • Webinars for participants to understand the results.
  • Individual coaching to review reports and develop action plans.

GPS 360° Survey programs can be easily conducted internally. We provide the necessary tools and training to get you started, you take care of the rest!



Click here for Example Organizational Report (PDF Version)

“I've had the pleasure of utilizing GPS's organizational/engagement surveys four times in two separate firms. The quality of their work is unparalleled.
GPS's ability to execute on time, provide consultative support, responsiveness to special requests, and detailed level of analytical actionable findings have helped both organizations greatly.
Customer focus and accessibility are of particular value when partnering with a smaller provider.”

Vice President, Human Resources - Timex Group USA, Inc.



Click here for Example 360 Feedback Report (PDF Version)

“We partnered with Gilman Performance Systems in developing and running a customized 360° service for our global organization. For almost 5 years, GPS has provided outstanding client focused service - fast, flexible and friendly to our colleagues around the world. If you want an excellent content advisor, great service and an outstanding value with regard to a 360° process, I highly recommend GPS.”

Senior Vice President - Marsh, Inc.

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